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The Need

  • Majority of families having both husband and wife working full time.
  • Fast paced life leaves less time for the elderly and terminally ill.
  • Scarcity of reliable & trustworthy home and emergency care services.
  • Defunct culture of nuclear families leads to paucity of people to look after the ill in the family.
  • Timely training camps to be conducted for ensuring service standards

Nursing Facility

Detailed team of professionally qualified experienced local nurses offered for homecare for 24 hours or at partial hours to provide care, follow prescription and regular observation of patient’s health parameters

Bedside Hospital Amenities

Provision of hospital equipment for rent or purchase at home to cater to the need of home care of the patient. Example: Hospital bed, IV solution holder & related equipment, Clinical reusable's, Syringes, Dressings, therapeutic equipments etc.

Doctor Visits

Provision of doctors and specialists related to the prognosis of the patient for home visit and related consultation. Doctors and specialists to be hired and kept at on call basis depending upon the need of the patient as and when required during Home Care Service

Hospital Admission/Volunteers

In the event of an emergency, provision of volunteers on call who can provide the related help to the patient with regards to hospital transportation and admission formalities.
Our focus is to provide late hour emergency solutions through our dedicated Medical team who are prepared to handle any critical situation with their best skills.
Provision of ambulances equipped with all essential life support facilities to help the accompanying paramedic in addressing transit emergencies.

Hospital Admission Assistance

Provision of immediate medical assistance at our registered hospital upon arrival of the patient so that no time is wasted.
Intimating the relevant doctor related to the prognosis while the patient is being transported.
Provision of paperwork formalities of admitting the patient to be completed

Healthcare Support under C.S.R

Providing healthcare facility in urban below the poverty line areas through monthly health camps.
Providing free medicine support at the camps.
Arranging for sponsored surgery support for the needy.
Arrangement for waivers in speciality hospitals in case of long term admissions and critical care management for persons belonging to BPL.

Rural Clinical Support

Maintenance of mobile clinic for organizing regular healthcare camps in villages.
Organizing surgical camps on relevant speciality days. Eg: Cataract operations.
Special discounted long term medicines for chronic diseases.

Rehabilitation Programs

Conducting programs for educating the rural masses about
Family Planning
Tobacco Addiction
Alcohol Consumption
General Health and Hygiene


Statistically a large number of casualty deaths are recorded when the patient goes through life threatening conditions during unwarranted hours.
Its always a big concern for the family to manage all requirements at late hours when all services are at minimal.

Apney – Helping Hands

Enlistment of a consulting panel of doctors emerging from various department of medicine and surgery.
Directory of renowned specialists will be digitally maintained for specific knowledge transfer and emergency reference

Key Support Staff

  • Sri Sailok Healthcare boasts of maintaining a detailed directory of Nurses with whom we have successfully retained a professional bond.
  • We have better understanding about working psych of Nursing staff.
  • We ensure safe environment for our Nurses and keep our contacts under tight vigilance.
  • A Good HR system shall be maintained to address - timely payment and grievances of our Nurses.
  • Timely training camps to be conducted for ensuring service standards


We would focus on registering Health Volunteers who are going to be our backbone in providing better services at rural & BPL areas.
Certification and felicitation to encourage Individual involvement towards social responsibility.
Conducting programs in schools and colleges for encouraging the youth to participate in humanitarian cause.
Approaching the corporate sector – Reminding them of their Corporate Social Responsibility.
Last but not the least – Approaching Government Sector for Tax Benefits / Waivers as per constitutional provisions to encourage such Humanitarian causes and Movements.